Compelling Bilateral Ties/Germany-Ukraine & Russia-Ukraine

UA Quest Roundtable XI: Compelling Bilateral Ties/Germany-Ukraine & Russia-Ukraine took place on October 20 and 21, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The conference was the second in a new trilogy of forums-discussions dedicated to exploring those relationships that carry deep strategic significance and powerful cultural/historical meaning, for better or worse, for Ukraine. This year’s focus was on Ukraine’s two giant neighbors: Germany and Russia

Speakers included:

Alexander Berdnikov Nico Lange
Ilan Berman Lewis Madanick
Yaroslav Bilinsky Oleksandr Motsyk
Steven Blank Yuri Myroshnychenko
Samuel Charap Valentyn Nalyvaichenko
Ariel Cohen Hryhoriy Nemyria
William H. Courtney Matthew Rojansky
Orest Deychakiwsky Daniel Russell
Nadia Diuk Oleh Rybachuk
Volodymyr Dubovyk Yuri Scherbak
Bohdan Futey Serhiy Shevchuk
Katie Fox Gennady Shorokhov
James Greene Oleksandr Sushko
Oleksandr Horyn Borys Tarasyuk
Taras Kuzio Andreas Umland
Bruce Jackson Volodymyr Viatrovych
F. Stephen Larrabee Jorge Zukoski


American Foreign Policy Council Open World Program/Library of Congress
Center For US-Ukrainian Relations Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
Embassy of Ukraine to the United States The Washington
International Republican Institute US-Ukraine Business Council
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung US-Ukraine Foundation
National Democratic Institute  


American Foreign Policy Council Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union Self Reliance [NJ] Federal Credit Union
Self Reliance [Baltimore] Federal Credit Union SUMA Yonkers Federal Credit Union
Heritage Foundation at 1st Sec. Fed. Savings Bank Ukrainian Defense Consultants

Steering Committee:

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Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Julia Tymoshenko Hryhoriy Nemyria’s featured remarks
Head of the Rada Comm. on Euro-Integration Borys Tarasyuk’s featured remarks
Transitional Democracies Project President Bruce Jackson’s featured remarks
SAIS/JHU Visiting Fellow Taras Kuzio’s featured remarks
Former Chief Archivist of the SBU Volodymyr Viatrovych’s featured remarks


Note that the following reports and interviews are available in text, video and audio on the Voice of America news site:
VOA report on RT XI (in Ukr.)


The event's program

Speaker Bios:

Short biographies of the the participants are available.