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Our Stucture

Administrative Sector

    • Center Website
    • Center Quarterly Newsletter
    • Center Bi-Annual Journal [Journal of Ukrainian Affairs]
    • Published Proceedings of Center Events [Bilingual]

Analytic Sector [The “US-UA Working Group”]

  • Economic Affairs Division:
    • Trade
    • Investment
    • Technical Assistance
    • Energy Issues
  • Security Affairs Division:
    • Training—Defense/Intel
    • Coordination—Defense/Intel
    • Joint Operations—Defense/Intel
    • Organized Crime Issues
  • Humanitarian Affairs Division:
    • Cultural Exchange
    • Academic Exchange
    • NGO Development
    • Mass Media Development
  • Diplomatic Affairs Division:
    • Visegrad Group/Policy Cooperation
    • GUAM/Policy Cooperation
    • European Union/Policy Cooperation
    • NATO/Policy Cooperation

Program Development Sector

  • UA Quest Roundtable Series (Venue: Washington DC)
  • UA B2B Networking Forum Series (Venue: Chicago IL)
  • UA Historical Encounters Series (Venue: New York NY)
  • UA Security Dialogue Series (Venue: Washington DC)
  • UA Energy Dialogue Series (Venue: Houston TX)
  • UA Euro-Atlantic Future Int’l Forum Series/Europe (Venue: European Capitals)
  • UA Euro-Atlantic Future Int’l Forum Series/Ukraine (Venue: Kyiv)
  • US-UA Working Group Annual Summit (Venue: Boulder CO)