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Our Mission

The Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR) has been designed to provide a set of “informational platforms” or venues for senior-level representatives of the political, economic, security and diplomatic establishments of the United States and Ukraine to exchange views on a wide range of issues of mutual interest and to showcase what has been referred to as a “burgeoning relationship of notable geopolitical import” between the two nations.

Five such “platforms”, the UA Quest Roundtable Series, the UA Historical Encounters Series, the US-UA Security Dialogue Series, the UA-US Business Networking Forum Series and the US-UA Energy Dialogue Series—planned as annual events, intend to review everything from joint operations by US and Ukrainian armed forces to the creation of “bilateral strategic plans for energy diversification”.

The Center also hopes to track the progress of Ukraine’s broader professed “Euro-Atlantic” ambitions—or, more precisely, monitor the pace of Ukraine’s NATO and EU accession process, though obviously in the context of the stated US-Ukrainian partnership. To facilitate the tracking, the Center intends to run a sixth conference series, to be held in various Ukrainian cities and at various European venues, entitled Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Future.

To widen the base of information dissemination, the Center intends to distribute the complete & annotated proceedings of the various symposia that the institution will organize as well as publish a projected bi-annual “Journal of Ukrainian Affairs”.

As its final ambition, CUSUR intends to form a US-UA Working Group—made up of 20 government and non-government experts from each of the countries involved. The Group’s purpose will be to monitor the existing state of relations between the US and Ukraine and to suggest ways and means to improve the ties. The Group will engage in the mentioned efforts along lines of mutual interest: Diplomatic/Political Issues, Economic Issues, Defense/Security Issues, Humanitarian Issues [4 units with 10 members apiece]. Each year, the WG will gather at an annual Leadership Summit to discuss & evaluate “future trends” in US-UA bilateral links.

CUSUR received Not for Profit status in Summer 2006. In financial terms, the Center’s ultimate goal is to raise 5 million dollar [US] and find the optimal instrument to operate the raised funds in such a way as to cover the basic yearly costs of institution.