Project for Spring 2008

CUSUR Publications
Recognizing the urgent need to set up proper channels for maximum dissemination of the information CUSUR has at its disposal, the Center intends to launch a number of “publishing” projects in the Spring of 2008:

(i) a CUSUR website with daily summaries of key breaking stories and periodic “educated opinion” pieces a la; (ii) a CUSUR Newsletter issued quarter-yearly to inform the various friends of the Center about upcoming events of interest;  (iii) a bi-annual Journal of Ukrainian Affairs (each issue will include four articles related to the Center’s areas of analytic interest as well as four reviews of recent books written in the mentioned areas of interest); (iv) publication (using University Press of America, if possible) of the complete and annotated transcript (book length) of RT VIII: Ukraine-EU Relations [Oct 2007]; (v)  publication (again, using the University Press of America) of the complete and annotated transcript (monograph length) of UA Historical Encounters Series Forum III: GUAM [Dec 2007]; (vi) publication of “occasional papers” that the US-Ukraine “Working Group” will tasked to write during the year [see US-UA WG].