Divining the Domestic and Foreign Policy/Security of UA’s Next Parliament

In 2012, the UA Quest RT Series departed shortly from the tradition of numbered forums thematically done as trilogies and dedicated to examining overarching national issues; instead it focused on the immediate: the UA Parliamentary Elections in October [2012]. In 2013 the UA Quest RT Series again remained situational; it turned to Divining the Outcome of the [November] EP Summit in Vilnius. 2014 saw one last ‘situational’ Ouest RT: Divining the Domestic and Foreign Policy/Security of Ukraine’s Next Parliament.

Speakers included:

Anders Åslund  Lewis Madanick 
Andrew Bihun  William Miller 
Janusz Bugajski  Hryhoriy Nemyria 
Ariel Cohen  Steven Nix 
Keith Crane  John O’Keefe
Nadia Diuk  Volodymyr Panchenko 
Bohdan Futey  Herman Pirchner 
Viktor Halasyuk Oleksiy Skrypnyk  
Iryna Herashenko  Keith Smith 
Laura Jewett  Oleksandr Sych 
Alexander Kasanof  William B. Taylor, Jr.


American Foreign Policy Council Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union Ukrainian Defense Consultants
Zenowia & George Jurkiw Pelicourt Energy


American Foreign Policy Council Open World Program/Library of Congress
Center For US-Ukrainian Relations Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung  

Steering Committee:

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Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Sych’s keynote remarks [Pending]


Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco news report


The event's program

Speaker Bios:

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