CUSUR 2015 – Project IV

Kyiv Seminars for UA Defense & National Security Officials
The several visits of young, fresh minded, reform oriented UA military commanders and national security analysts to various top flight foreign policy think tanks and institutes of higher diplomatic or military learning in DC
(prompted in good part by CUSUR invitations to its Occasional Briefings) in the latter part of 2014 prompted the UA MOD to propose a slightly different arrangement for similar discussions/conversations in 2015.
CUSUR was asked to see if key members of it US-UA Working Group might not be interested in devoting a week or two of their time during some part of 2015 to run a number of seminars in Kyiv “devoted to the art of strategic & tactical planning in the face of a new form of warfare not yet fully understood by the most able students of military science”. A number of its partner organizations were approached as well.
The response by all parties involved was in the affirmative. And a plan was hatched with the understanding that matters needed to be expedited sooner rather than later.
CUSUR and the Potomac Foundation have now agreed to run at least two seminars in the first half of 2015. The choice for a venue has been narrowed to two contending institutions: the (University of) Kyiv Mohyla Academy or the Kyiv Diplomatic Academy. Ten to twelve of the finest students of “the contemporary art of war” hailing from the US, Canada and EU will be asked to participate the process. Several dozen senior UA MOD, MVD and NSDC officials will be selected to attend one of the two projected lecture/colloquia series. Fuller information will be available at the beginning of February (2015).