CUSUR 2013 – Project III

The US-UA WG Yearly Summit
As originally contemplated, the US-UA Working Group Yearly Summit
(initially named the US-UA Leadership Summit) was intended as a venue
for focusing attention on the four categories of interest named in the
US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Charter
(and incidentally reflected
in CUSUR’s ‘analytic sectors’): politics/diplomacy, economics,
security and historical/culturological issues; the effort”s ultimate
objective was to find/suggest ways to strengthen ties between the two
countries in the near/far future.
The event would involve the participation of all 20 of the ‘experts’
from the US side associated with the US-UA Working Group as well as
their 20 counterparts from the Ukrainian side. It would also include
20 selected guest “specialists” from the CUSUR run Ukraine”s
Euro-Atlantic Future Forum Series (hence, in reality, “UA experts”
from EU and Canada). Finally, it would include up to 20 CUSUR patrons
(Meczenats) as well as prominent “Hromada” activists (with selection
determined ‘by lot’) as ‘invited observers’.
The Summit”s new task, as vetted and adopted by CUSUR”s Board of
Directors in 2012, will be to provide a yearly six subject report
card” on Ukraine”s progress/regress with regard to robust democratic
politics, developed market economics, viable social cohesion, ever
greater energy security, ever greater general security and an
established (yet tolerant) national identity” and its recalibrated
goal will be to take accurate measure” of the status of the
US-Ukrainian relations going forward. (Incidentally, on that account,
it should be added that this year”s Special Edition UA Quest RT proved
a very successful “dress rehearsal”.)
An annotated transcript of the proceedings will be published and
distributed to the various US governmental and non-governmental
agencies and institutions that have an interest in Ukraine. Its
translated counterpart will in likewise fashioned be distributed in
Ukraine-obviously, to those Ukrainian governmental and
non-governmental agencies and institutions that have an interest in
the US.