CUSUR 2013 – Project I

The US-Ukraine Working Group” Initiative
The US-Ukraine Working Group” Initiative was launched in 2007 in
order to secure an array of experts in “areas of interest” for CUSUR
and its various proceedings; at the time, it was hoped that the
“experts” might also agree to write a series of “occasional papers” to
identify major issues” impacting on US-Ukrainian relations.
As a start, the areas of interest” were identified. Once identified,
“analytic networks” were created in each identified sector:
Economic Affairs: [US-UA] Trade, Investment, Technical Assistance, Energy Issues
Security Affairs: [US-UA] Training – Defense/Intel, Coordination –
Defense/Intel, Joint Operations – Defense/Intel, Organized Crime
Humanitarian Affairs: [US-UA] Cultural Exchanges, Academic Exchanges,
NGO Development, Media Development,
Diplomatic Affairs: [US-UA] GUAM/Policy Cooperation, Visegrad/Policy
Cooperation, European Union/ Policy Cooperation, NATO/ Policy
CUSUR”s analytic networks, when operating in tandem, came to
constitute the US-Ukraine Working Group”. The Group presently
consists of 20 (5 from each sector of analytic interest for CUSUR)
government, NGO and academic specialists” from Ukraine and an equal
number of counterparts from the United States (40 individuals in all).
Over time (2008-2012), the US-UA Working Group has evolved/designed
three distinct missions for itself:
It intends to organize/provide material for the informational
centerpiece of CUSUR-the Center”s envisioned bi-annual Journal of
Ukrainian Affairs. For each issue, each sector will elicit any number
of articles from known US-UA government, NGO or academic specialists
in their designated field and select one such article to be printed in
the given number [four articles to an issue]. Likewise, for each
issue, each sector will ask the various named specialists to write
reviews of recently published works in the field and select one such
review to be printed in the given number [four reviews to an issue].
At the same time, it intends to organize/partake in an annual US-UA
Working Group Yearly Summit”-to review” Ukraine”s progress/regress
during the year past” in the four already designated sectors plus two
more recently minted areas of interest: social cohesion and national
Finally, the US-UA WG, with CUSUR”s 2012 acquisition of a DC office as
a springboard for the effort, plans to assist the Center in running
“Occasional Briefs and Papers” Series. The operation will give CUSUR
flexibility, allowing it to highlight situational “high-profile
moments and issues” throughout a given year.