CUSUR 2012 – Project IV

Euro-Atlantic Inter-Parliamentary Group on Ukrainian Issues
If the Euro-Atlantic Community is seen as comprised of Canada, the EU and the United States, then the constituent elements of a Euro-Atlantic Inter-Parliamentary Group
designed to help buttress the self professed European Choice” of all the major parties in Ukraine are already in existence. The legislative branches of all three named states/state formations have formal inter-parliamentary ties with their counterparts in Ukraine”s Verkhovna Rada. What is necessary is for the aid (in whatever form it is provided) to be more coordinated.
To that end, CUSUR is looking, in the short term, to encourage the creation of an overarching entity, organized by the respective legislative bodies involved, capable of giving the required direction. In the longer term, CUSUR is hoping to spur the appearance of NGOs like itself-a Center for EU-Ukrainian Relations and a Center for Canadian-Ukrainian Relations-that would inarguably facilitate the envisioned process.