CUSUR 2012 – Project II

The Journal of Ukrainian Affairs
Recognizing the urgent need to set up proper channels for maximum
dissemination of the information CUSUR has at its disposal, the Center expended much effort on a number of ‘publishing’ projects in 2011.
It was able to complete ‘infrastructure’ work on its website; [the site
can, as of December 2011, proudly claim visits by nearly 30,000
contacts from over 140 countries]. It was also able to experiment with
its anticipated biannual Journal of Ukrainian Affairs; in this regard,
CUSUR”s website featured several prequel occasional papers” presented
by members of the Center”s US-UA Working Group as well as “interviews”
with some of Ukraine”s most prominent political players.
In the process, CUSUR has come to an important conclusion. Noting the fact that its new/old partner, the UCCA has been putting out a venerable journal, the Ukrainian Quarterly, for nearly seventy years, the Center has decided that it will not publish its JUA in a hard or paper” copy form; such competition” would be valueless. Rather, in 2012, while being committed to putting out the first two issues (Spring 2012/Fall 2012) of the Journal of Ukrainian Affairs, CUSUR intends to keep the project strictly Internet based; to be frank, concentrating exclusively on such a format has real merits .
As envisioned earlier, each issue will include four articles related to the Center”s areas of analytic interest as well as four reviews of recent books written in the mentioned areas of interest. Additionally, the Journal will include “interviews” and “occasional papers” like those aforementioned as well as key UA Quest RT/UEAF Forum “keynote presentation” reprints and a blog-site for every member of the US-UA Working Group.