US-UA Business Networking Series: Forum

"US-UA Business Networking Series: Forum" was hosted on March 30/31, 2005 in New York City. The two-day event brought together experts from the corporate and academic world as well as key government representatives of Ukraine and Ukraine's various partners/neighbors to evaluate the nation's ability to advantageously compete in the global economic arena. It was held at a very critical moment in Ukraine's history: in a period of time when Ukraine was recording double digit economic growth and in the immediate aftermath of an election that brought to power a leadership committed to the 'rule of law' and to 'market economics'.

Speakers included:

Yuri Alekseyev Oleksandr Kiva
Valeriy Asadchev Serhiy Korsunsky
Robert Bensh Marianna Kozintseva
Andrew Bihun Viktor Kryvenko
Michael Bleyzer George Logush
Peter Borisow Christine Lucyk
Christian Carrier William Miller
John Costello Volodymyr Maistryshyn
Bo Denysyk Jacque Mounier
John Fennerty Katya Peppler
Ihor Fomenko Michael Perry
Matthew Gaertner Myron Rabij
Oleh Hawrylyshyn Bob Schaffer
J. Peter Higgins Volodymyr Shandra
Roxolana Horbova Keith Smith
Oleksandr Hudyma David Sweere
Jorge Intriago Yuri Yekhanurov
Steven Johnston Fila Zhebrowska
Desi Jordanoff Roman Zwarych


Columbia University/ISE Ukrainian Institute of America
Center for US-Ukrainian Relations Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
New York University/LAP US DOC BIZNIS


Philip Morris Ukraine Microsoft
Altcom Kyiv Atlantic Ukraine/Atlantic Farms
Hanza Arber
Inkor Rainford
Farmak Stirol
International Commerce Bank Heritage Foundation at First Security Federal Savings Bank
Yuzmash Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union
Top-Line LLC Ukrainian Future Credit Union
Ukrahroleasing SUMA Yonkers Federal Credit Union
Ukroboronservice Self Reliance [NJ] Federal Credit Union


Press release announcing the event


The event's program