CUSUR 2010 – Project III

The US-UA Leadership Summit
The US-UA Leadership Summit is intended as a high powered NGO supplement to the government to government discussions that are scheduled to take place periodically under the agreements reached thru the ‘Charter on a Strategic Partnership’-signed by the US and Ukrainian foreign affairs establishments in December 2008 and reconfirmed during UA MFA Poroshenko’s visit with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in November 2009.
It will involve the participation of all 20 of the ‘experts’ associated with the US-UA Working Group from the US side as well as their 20 counterparts from the Ukrainian side. It will also include 10 selected ‘guest’ participants from the US government (both executive and legislative) as well as 10 similar guests from Ukraine. Finally, it will include up to 20 (with selection determined ‘by lot’) Meczenats as ‘ invited observers’.
The two day event will cover each of the four categories of interest named in the Strategic Partnership Charter (and incidentally reflected in CUSUR’s ‘analytic sectors’): politics/diplomacy, economics, security and historical/culturological issues. The approach will have the ‘players’ begin in ‘breakaway sessions’ (by category of interest) the first day of the gathering and eventually join in a ‘synthesizing’ set of sessions the second day. The ultimate goal, as always, will be to find new ways to strengthen US-Ukrainian bilateral relations.
An annotated transcript of the proceedings will be published and distributed to the various US governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions that have an interest in Ukraine. Its translated counterpart will in likewise fashioned be distributed in Ukraine-obviously, to those Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions that have an interest in the US.