CUSUR 2010 – Project II

The Journal of Ukrainian Affairs
The Center spent much time and effort on a number of ‘publishing’ projects in 2009. It can proudly claim that it has completed ‘infrastructure’ work on its website;
the site-while being set up-has received nearly 20,000 visits from over 130 countries.
In 2010, CUSUR intends to put out the first issue (Fall 2010) of its anticipated bi-annual Journal of Ukrainian Affairs. As envisioned, each issue will include four articles related to the Center”s areas of analytic interest as well as four reviews of recent books written in the mentioned areas of interest. The JUA will bring to the proverbial table what other English language Ukrainian journals-prone to concentrate on historical or culturological issues-have not; it will focus on the contemporary political scene in Ukraine . Using both the ‘experts’ available from the US-UA Working Group and the various ‘high ranking US and Ukrainian decision makers and policy shapers’ presenting at CUSUR’s various forums as a ‘potential author base’, the Journal expects the level of the material to be of the highest grade.
The ‘chairs’ of the four US-UA WG analytic sectors as well as a co-opted ‘copy editor’ will serve as the editorial board of the JUA.
The JUA will be put out in two forms-(i) a virtual version on the CUSUR website and (ii) a hard copy version, printed by Charles Schlatz & Co. (the publishers of the Holodomor Journal).