Roundtable IV

Ukraine’s Transition to a Developed Market Economy


October 7th and 8th, 2003.


Roundtable IV: Ukraine’s Transition to a Developed Market Economy was held in Washington, DC on October 7 and 8, 2003. The gathering focused on evaluating Ukraine’s market readiness, from both a macro and micro economic perspective, to advantageously compete in the global economic arena and attempted to address a key question: “Will the United States Support Ukraine’s WTO Accession Process?”


  • Ilan Berman
  • William Miller
  • Jan Bugajski
  • Catherine Novelli
  • Phillipe Coessens
  • Carlos Pascual
  • Michael Considine
  • Grazyna Paturalska
  • William Courtney
  • Valeriy Pyatnytskyi
  • Pavlo Hajdutsky
  • Yuri Pavlenko
  • Darrin Hartzler
  • Katya Peppler
  • Oleh Hawrylyshyn
  • Steven Pifer
  • John Herbst
  • Karol Sep
  • Vyasheslav Ignrunov
  • Janusz Steinhof
  • Natalie Jaresko
  • Olexandr Todiychuk
  • Anatoliy Kinakh
  • Yevheniy Utkin
  • Andriy Kluyev
  • Viktor Yanukovich
  • Volodymyr Lanovyj
  • Arseniy Yatseniuk
  • Nancy Lee
  • Yuri Yekhanurov


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine
  • Columbia University/ISE
  • Ukrainian Central Information Service
  • Congressional Ukrainian Caucus
  • Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation
  • Embassy of Ukraine to the United States
  • Ukrainian American Youth Association
  • Freedom House
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
  • Harvard University/BSSP
  • Ukrainian National Information Service
  • International Republican Institute
  • US Library of Congress
  • Johns Hopkins University/SAIS
  • U.S.-Ukraine Foundation
  • National Democratic Institute


  • International Renaissance Foundation
  • Philip Morris Ukraine
  • Heritage Foundation at First Security Federal Savings Bank
  • Ukraine International Airlines
  • Kyiv Atlantic Ukraine/Atlantic Farms
  • Polit XXI Stolittya
  • Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union
  • Astron Ukrayina
  • American Foreign Policy Council


  • Please note the UA Quest Roundtable Steering Committees are listed here.


Published text of the conference proceedings “Україна на шляху до зрілої національної державності. Круглий стіл IV: перехід України до розвиненої ринкової економіки/Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Roundtable IV: Ukraine’s Transition to a Developed Market Economy” is available in print (in Ukrainian) and listed on our Publications page. Please contact us for information about obtaining a copy.


  • Press release announcing the event
  • Den’ Report on RT IV Proceedings [in Ukr.]
  • UA Cabinet of Ministers press release concerning RT IV [in Ukr.]


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