Euro-Atlantic Future III: Speaker Bios

Oleksandr Aleksandrovych

Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, a veteran Ukrainian diplomat with the rank of Minister-Counselor, currently serves in that capacity at the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States.

Oleksandr Biletsky

Oleksandr Biletsky is the President of European Movement in Ukraine, the NGO most responsible for promoting the notion of eventual EU membership for Ukraine.

Krzysztof Bobinski

Krzysztof Bobinski works at the Unia & Polska Foundation – a pro-European NGO in Warsaw; in fact, he is the organization’s founder. Mr. Bobinski was, for several years, the Financial Times’ correspondent in Warsaw.

E. Daniel Caron

His Excellency E. Daniel Caron currently serves as the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine. Immediately prior to his current posting, Ambassador Caron served as Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy of Canada to Mexico.

Michael Gahler

Michael Gahler is a vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. He has served in the body since 1999, as a [DE] member of the European People’s Party and European Democrats Group.

Nico Lange

Nico Lange is the Director of the Ukraine Programme & Kyiv Office of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Mr. Lange has proven to be a critical force behind many of the recent forums dedicated to studying Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Future.

John Kjaer

John Kjaer presently serves as Head of the Unit for Relations with Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Southern Caucasus at the Directorate General for External Affairs of the European Commission

Ihor Kozak

Ihor Kozak currently occupies the position of Director, International Relations, League of Ukrainian Canadians. As a highly decorated military officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, Mr. Kozak took part in such international programs as Reduction of Nuclear Threat, Arms Control and Verification and Partnership for Peace and participated in numerous diplomatic missions in Washington, Vienna and Brussels as well as in Ukraine, Russia and the Caucasus.

Henrik Kroner

Henrik Kroner presently serves as the Secretary General of the European Movement International, an institution dedicated to widening the scope and depth of the European Union.

Vytautas Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis currently serves as Member of the European Parliament [LT-Group of the European People’s Party and European Democrats]. Dr. Landsbergis was the first head of state of Lithuania after its independence declaration from the Soviet Union, and served as the Head of the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas; he has been active in Lithuania’s political arena for almost two decades, and is a world-established politician who has gone down in history as a contributor to the demise of the Soviet Union.

Janusz Onyszkiewicz

Janusz Onyszkiewicz currently serves as a vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee [PL-Group of Liberals and Democrats of Europe]. After the fall of communism in 1989, MEP Onyszkiewicz became a Member of the Polish Sejm and served all subsequent terms from May 1989 until 2001; the legendary Solidarity activist served as Minister of Defence of Poland twice: in the cabinets of Hanna Suchocka (1992-1993) and Jerzy Buzek (1997-2000).

Jan Pieklo

Jan Pieklo is Director of Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]. An experienced NGO professional and journalist, Jan has spent many years dedicated to international cooperation and development. With deep interest in Ukrainian and regional issues, he has successfully worked to broaden Polish-Ukrainian and regional cooperation, particularly as a former Director of the Bridges to the East Institute for the Krakow-based ZNAK Foundation.

Robert Pszczel

Robert Pszczel has served a member of International Secretariat at NATO HQ since 1999 and is currently its Press Officer. Mr. Pszczel has worked as a journalist, later as diplomat in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; at the PMFA, he gained extensive experience in multilateral diplomacy (OSCE, WEU) and in 1990s was posted in the Polish Embassy in Brussels as well as in Poland’s Permanent Mission to NATO.

James Pettit

James Pettit, a veteran American diplomat, presently serves in the capacity of Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the United States to Ukraine.

Oleh Rybachuk

Oleh Rybachuk, before taking the present position of Head of the NGO “Suspilnist”, served in several senior government posts including: Vice Premier for European Integration and Head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine.

Ihor Sagach

His Excellency Ihor Sagach presently serves as the Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO. Immediately prior to his present posting, Ambassador Sagach served as Ukraine’s envoy to the Kingdom of Norway.

Yuri Scherbak

Yuri Scherbak is currently Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development. Dr. Scherbak was appointed Ukraine’s first Ambassador to Israel in 1992 and remained in that post until November, 1994, when he was appointed Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States. In November 1998, he finished his duty tour in the US and was appointed Advisor to the President of Ukraine on International Issues. From March 2000 till May 2003, the esteemed Ukrainian diplomat acted as Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada.

Andrij Shevchenko

Andrij Shevchenko is currently a Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [BUT Deputat’ska Fratziya] and serves as the Head of the Rada’s Ukraine-Estonia Parliamentary Exchange Group.

Serhiy Shevchuk

Serhiy Shevchuk is currently a Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [BUT Deputat’ska Fratziya] and serves as a leading member of the Rada’s Committee on European Integration.

Oleksandr Sushko

Oleksandr Sushko is the Director of the Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy of Ukraine; he also serves in an advisory capacity at the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Dr. Sushko’s CPCFPU’s Internet Newsletter, provides timely analysis of key political, diplomatic, economic and security issues facing the Ukrainian political and social leadership.

Pirkka Tapiola

Pirkka Tapiola presently serves as foreign policy advisor to EU High Representative Javier Solana; he has long been associated with the Policy Unit of the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, European Council in very capacities.

Andrii Veselovski

His Excellency Andrii Veselovski is currently the Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Communities. Immediately prior to his present posting Amb. Vesselovsky served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. From 2000 to 2005, he was the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg as well as Head of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO.

Volodymyr Zaryckyj

Volodymyr Zaryckyj is Executive Director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations and Program Coordinator for the Ukraine”s Euro-Atlantic Future Forum Series; concurrently, he holds the rank of Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Sciences at New York University.