Compelling Bilateral Ties/US-Ukraine & Canada-Ukraine

UA Quest Roundtable X: Compelling Bilateral Ties/US-Ukraine & Canada-Ukraine took place on October 21 and 22, 2009 in Washington, D.C. The 10th anniversary conference was be first in a new trilogy of forums-a set of discussions dedicated to exploring Ukraine’s historically most compelling bilateral relationships, namely, those that carry deep strategic significance and powerful cultural/historical meaning for Ukraine.

Speakers included:


Oleksandr Aleksandrovych Bob Onyschuk
Anders Åslund Ihor Ostash
Andrew Bihun Mykola Pakhnin
Ron Chyczij Borys Parakhonskyj
Ariel Cohen Taras Paslavsky
Heather Conley Steven Pifer
Antonio De Lecea Andrew Robinson
Orest Deychakiwsky Daniel Russell
Derek Fraser Leigh Sarty
Bohdan Futey Oleksandr Scherba
Vitalij Garber Yuri Scherbak
Paul Grod Oleh Shamshur
John Hewko Keith Smith
Pavlo Kachur Tom Spellman
Yuri Klufas Orest Steciw
Ihor Kozak Oleksandr Sushko
David J. Kramer William Taylor
Nico Lange Celeste A. Wallander
Lewis Madanick Morgan Williams
Nadia K. McConnell Damon Wilson 
William Miller Borys Wrzesnewskyj
John O’Keefe


American Foreign Policy Council Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
Atlantic Council of the United States League of Ukrainian Canadians
Center For US-Ukrainian Relations National Democratic Institute
Congressional Ukrainian Caucus Open World Program/Library of Congress
Columbia University/ECEC Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
Embassy of Ukraine to the United States US-Ukraine Business Council
International Republican Institute US-Ukraine Foundation


American Foreign Policy Council Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union Self Reliance [NJ] Federal Credit Union
Heritage Foundation at 1st Sec. Fed. Savings Bank Self Reliance [Chicago] Federal Credit Union

Steering Committee:

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DOD/DAS Dr. Celeste Wallander’s featured remarks
Canadian Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyj’s featured remarks
CA Ambassador [ret.] Derek Fraser’s featured remarks
UA Ambassador [ret.] Yuri Scherbak’s featured remarks
CSCE Senior Staff Advisor Orest Deychakiwsky’s featured remarks


Note that the following reports and interviews are available in text, video and audio on the Voice of America news site:
VOA Interview with RT X Presenter UA/CA Amb. Ihor Ostash (in Ukr.)


The event's program

Speaker Bios:

Short biographies of the the participants are available.