Roundtable X

Compelling Bilateral Ties/US-Ukraine & Canada-Ukraine


October 21 and 22, 2009


UA Quest Roundtable X: Compelling Bilateral Ties/US-Ukraine & Canada-Ukraine took place on October 21 and 22, 2009 in Washington, D.C. The 10th anniversary conference was be first in a new trilogy of forums-a set of discussions dedicated to exploring Ukraine’s historically most compelling bilateral relationships, namely, those that carry deep strategic significance and powerful cultural/historical meaning for Ukraine.


  • Oleksandr Aleksandrovych
  • Bob Onyschuk
  • Anders Åslund
  • Ihor Ostash
  • Andrew Bihun
  • Mykola Pakhnin
  • Ron Chyczij
  • Borys Parakhonskyj
  • Ariel Cohen
  • Taras Paslavsky
  • Heather Conley
  • Steven Pifer
  • Antonio De Lecea
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Orest Deychakiwsky
  • Daniel Russell
  • Derek Fraser
  • Leigh Sarty
  • Bohdan Futey
  • Oleksandr Scherba
  • Vitalij Garber
  • Yuri Scherbak
  • Paul Grod
  • Oleh Shamshur
  • John Hewko
  • Keith Smith
  • Pavlo Kachur
  • Tom Spellman
  • Yuri Klufas
  • Orest Steciw
  • Ihor Kozak
  • Oleksandr Sushko
  • David J. Kramer
  • William Taylor
  • Nico Lange
  • Celeste A. Wallander
  • Lewis Madanick
  • Morgan Williams
  • Nadia K. McConnell
  • Damon Wilson
  • William Miller
  • Borys Wrzesnewskyj
  • John O’Keefe


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
  • Atlantic Council of the United States
  • League of Ukrainian Canadians
  • Center For US-Ukrainian Relations
  • National Democratic Institute
  • Congressional Ukrainian Caucus
  • Open World Program/Library of Congress
  • Columbia University/ECEC
  • Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
  • Embassy of Ukraine to the United States
  • US-Ukraine Business Council
  • International Republican Institute
  • US-Ukraine Foundation


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
  • Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union
  • Self Reliance [NJ] Federal Credit Union
  • Heritage Foundation at 1st Sec. Fed. Savings Bank
  • Self Reliance [Chicago] Federal Credit Union


  • Please note the UA Quest Roundtable Steering Committees are listed here.


  • DOD/DAS Dr. Celeste Wallander’s featured remarks
  • Canadian Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyj’s featured remarks
  • CA Ambassador [ret.] Derek Fraser’s featured remarks
  • UA Ambassador [ret.] Yuri Scherbak’s featured remarks
  • CSCE Senior Staff Advisor Orest Deychakiwsky’s featured remarks


Note that the following reports and interviews are available in text, video and audio on the Voice of America news site: VOA Interview with RT X Presenter UA/CA Amb. Ihor Ostash (in Ukr.)






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