Ukraine Business Networking & Investment Forum: Euro 2012

The Center for US-Ukrainian Relations and the Orange Circle, together with Ukraine’s National Agency for the Organization of the Euro 2012 Championship jointly hosted a UBIF conference entitled: Euro 2012: Infrastructure Needs and Investment Opportunities, in New York City on March 17-18, 2008. The forum provided an environment to extensively examine Ukraine’s financing and investment needs in preparation for Euro 2012, facilitated discussion of partnerships/joint ventures and linked investors with potential investment opportunities.

Speakers included:

Yevhen Chervonenko Jeffrey Miller
Alex Gordin Vassily Morfopoulos
Ken Hansen Hennadi Nadolenko
Jorge Intriago Myron Pakush
Taras Kernytsky Julius Ries
William Leute Oleh Shamshur
Roman Masley Richard Steffens
John McAdams Taras Sytnyk


Center for US-Ukrainian Relations National Agency for Euro-2012
The Orange Circle Ukrainian Institute of America


Beiten Burkhardt Ernst & Young
Business Ukraine Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union
J. P. Morgan Tekhnopark


National Agency for Europe 2012 Head Y. Chervonenko’s Presentation: Euro 2012 as an Infrastructure Modernization Strategy [PDF format]
An Orange Circle Report about the UBF/Euro 2012 Proceedings



The forum program