Program: US-Ukrainian Security Dialogue I

US-Ukrainian Security Dialogue Series

Conference Program

Inaugural Event
June 23, 2005
Washington DC

Morning Session: 9 AM – 12:10 PM

Opening Remarks

  • Representative Curt Weldon (Vice Chair of the HR Homeland Security Committee/R PA)

I) US-Ukraine Relations – A New Century Agenda

Featured Speaker

  • Paul Carter (Ukraine Desk-Political Section/US State Dept.)

II) General Overview of US – UA Security Cooperation/US Perspective

Featured Speaker

  • Nicholas Krawciw (Maj. General[US Army-Ret.]/Dupuy Institute)

III) General Overview of US – UA Security Cooperation/UA Perspective

Featured Speaker

  • Oleh Sivushchenko (Major General/UA MOD)

Lunch: 12:10 PM – 12:50 PM

Afternoon Session: 12:50 PM – 4 PM

IV) US-UA-Polish Security Cooperation: Past, Present, Future

Featured Speaker

  • Maciej Pisarski (First Secretary/PL Embassy to the US)

V) US and UA Economic Security Issue: The Issue of Odessa-Brody-[Gdansk]

Featured Speaker

  • Ilan Berman (VP for Policy/AFPC)


Featured Speaker

  • F. Stephen Larrabee (European Security Chair/RAND)

Closing Remarks

  • Leonid Kadenyuk (Member of the National Security & Defense Committee/UA VR)

Venue: [ON THE HILL] 1539 Longworth HOB

No. of participants: 50-70 [Approx.]


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
  • Congressional Ukrainian Caucus

From the Sponsors

The US-Ukrainian Security Dialogue Series intends to track the progress of Ukraine”s professed Euro-Atlantic” ambitions in the realm of security affairs”. The organizers hope to annually examine and evaluate, through the use of symposia on the Hill, Ukraine”s attempts to deepen strategic” bilateral ties with the United States as well as monitor the pace of Ukraine”s NATO accession process.

A Special Note of Thanks to the Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation for its generous patronage of the event