Roundtable XX

Divining the Abiding Priorities for Ukraine’s National Security Doctrine


October 10, 2019


UA Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Roundtable XX: took place on October 10 2019 at the premises provided by the McCain Institute in Washington DC.

The conference was the second in a critically important trilogy of UA Quest RT gatherings (2018-20) essentially dedicated to evaluating Ukraine’s military preparedness, particularly in the face of the ongoing occupation of Crimea and ongoing aggression in Donbas by the nation’s northern neighbor.

The focus of the forum centered on Ukraine’s defense planning in the face of the kind of unrestricted warfare that hybrid conflict brings; as a result, the scope of the discussion will reach well beyond the traditional military dimension.


  • Anders Aslund
  • Janusz Bugajski
  • Valeriy Chaly
  • Luke Coffey
  • Orest Deychakiwsky
  • Andrew Dobriansky
  • Andrew Futey
  • Myroslava Gongadze
  • Glen Howard
  • Mykola Hryckowia
  • Adrian Karatnycky
  • Phillip Karber
  • Adrian Karmazyn
  • Andrij Levus
  • Lewis Madanick
  • Nadia McConnell
  • Tamara Olexy
  • Julia Osmolov
  • Herman Pirchner
  • Roman Popadiuk
  • Taras Repytskyi
  • Oksana Savchuk
  • Mykhailo Sawkiw
  • William B. Taylor Jr.
  • Walter Zaryckyj


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
  • International Republican Institute
  • Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
  • National Democratic Institute
  • Open World Leadership Center
  • Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
  • Ukrainian National Information Service
  • US-Ukraine Foundation


  • Cleveland Selfreliance Federal Credit Union
  • Heritage Foundation of the First Security Federal Savings Bank
  • Illinois Division of the UCCA
  • Jurkiw Family Foundation
  • Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union
  • Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union
  • SUMA (Yonkers) Federal Credit Union
  • Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union
  • Ukrainian National Association


  • Ilan Berman
  • Motryia Chaban
  • Andrij Dobriansky
  • Katie Fox
  • Andrew Futey
  • Tamara Gallo-Olexy
  • Oleh Garyaha
  • Mykola Hryckowian
  • Laura Jewett
  • Lewis Madanick
  • Steven Nix
  • Slavko Pawlyuk
  • Herman Pirchner
  • Mykhailo Sawkiw
  • Walter Zaryckyj




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