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Roundtable XX: Divining the Abiding Priorities for Ukraine’s National Security Doctrine


Oct 10 2019


UA Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Roundtable XX: took place on October 10 2019 at the premises provided by the McCain Institute in Washington DC. The conference was the second in a critically important trilogy of UA Quest RT gatherings (2018-20) essentially dedicated to evaluating Ukraine’s military preparedness, particularly in the face of the ongoing occupation of Crimea and ongoing aggression in Donbas by the nation’s northern neighbor. The focus of the forum centered on Ukraine’s defense planning in the face of the kind of unrestricted warfare that hybrid conflict brings; as a result, the scope of the discussion will reach well beyond the traditional military dimension.



Anders Aslund
Janusz Bugajski
Valeriy Chaly
Luke Coffey
Orest Deychakiwsky
Andrew Dobriansky
Andrew Futey
Myroslava Gongadze
Glen Howard
Mykola Hryckowia
Adrian Karatnycky
Phillip Karber
Adrian Karmazyn
Andrij Levus
Lewis Madanick
Nadia McConnell
Tamara Olexy
Julia Osmolov
Herman Pirchner
Roman Popadiuk
Taras Repytskyi
Oksana Savchuk
Mykhailo Sawkiw
William B. Taylor Jr.
Walter Zaryckyj


American Foreign Policy Council
Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
International Republican Institute
Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
National Democratic Institute
Open World Leadership Center
Polish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ukrainian National Information Service
US-Ukraine Foundation

Cleveland Selfreliance Federal Credit Union
Heritage Foundation of the First Security Federal Savings Bank
Illinois Division of the UCCA
Jurkiw Family Foundation
Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union
Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union
SUMA (Yonkers) Federal Credit Union
Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union
Ukrainian National Association


Ilan Berman
Motryia Chaban
Andrij Dobriansky
Katie Fox
Andrew Futey
Tamara Gallo-Olexy
Oleh Garyaha
Mykola Hryckowian
Laura Jewett
Lewis Madanick
Steven Nix
Slavko Pawlyuk
Herman Pirchner
Mykhailo Sawkiw
Walter Zaryckyj




Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood 

Roundtable XX: 

Divining the Abiding Priorities for Ukraine’s National Security Doctrine Oct 10, 2019 

Venue: 1777 F Street NW/Washington DC 

8:25 AM – 9:00 AM Registration 

9:00 AM – 9:35 AM Morning Highlight Focus Session  

Theme: What Ukraine Needs to Properly Defend Itself – A View from the UA Government 


Herman Pirchner [American Foreign Policy Council] 

Featured Speaker: 

Alina Frolov [Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine] 

9:35 AM – 10:50 AM Roundtable Discussion I 

Theme: Military Security Matters 

Discussion Leader: 

Mariana Budjeryn [JFK School/Harvard University] 


Steven Blank [American Foreign Policy Council] 

Leonid Polyakov [Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies] 

Suggested Topics:  

Optimal Land Defenses; Optimal Naval Defenses; Optimal Air Defenses 

10:50 AM – 10:55 AM Coffee Break 

10:55 AM – 12:10 PM Roundtable Discussion II 

Theme: Homeland Security Matters 

Discussion Leader: 

Robert McConnell [US-Ukraine Foundation] 


Michael Carpenter [Biden Center/University of Pennsylvania] 

Helena Savruk [UA National Institute for Strategic Studies] 

Suggested Topics:  

Suitable Intel Capabilities; Suitable Counter-Intel Capabilities; Anti Terrorist & OC Capabilities


12:10 PM – 1:00 PM Working Lunch/Afternoon Focus Session 


Theme: What Ukraine Needs to Properly Defend Itself – A View from the UA Parliament 


Phillip Karber [Potomac Foundation] 

Featured Speaker: 

Lt. Gen. Mykhailo Zabrodskyi [Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine] 


1:00 PM – 2:15 PM Roundtable Discussion III 

Theme: Economic Security Matters  

Discussion Leader: 

Roman Popadiuk [World Affairs Councils of America] 


Adrian Karatnycky [Atlantic Council of the United States] 

Myron Rabiy [Norris McLaughlin] 

Suggested Topics:  

End of Shadow Economy; Sound Fiscal Policy; Sound Monetary Policy 

2:15 PM – 2:20 PM Coffee Break 

2:20 PM – 3:35 PM Roundtable Discussion IV 

Theme: Energy Security Matters 

Discussion Leader: 

Keith Smith [Center for European Policy Analysis] 


Ed Chow [Center for Strategic and International Studies] 

Mykhailo Honchar [Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”] 

Suggested Topics:  

Diverse Domestic Supplies; Diverse Foreign Supplies; Conservation 

3 3:35 PM – 5:10 PM Roundtable Discussion V 

Theme: Information Security Matters 

Discussion Leader: 

James Greene [Effective Engagement Strategies] 


Donald N. Jensen [Center for European Policy Analysis] 

Marko Suprun [STOP FAKE] 

Special Discussants: 

Lubomyr Hajda [Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute] 

Sofia Lysenko [University of Pennsylvania’s PennApps Hackathon 2019 Grand Prize Winner] 

Suggested Topics: 

Memory Wars Capacity; Anti-Dezinform Capacity; Anti-Cyber Assault Capacity 

5:10 PM – 5:45 PM Final Highlight Focus Session/Closing Remarks 

Theme: Contemplating an Euro-Atlantic Future for Ukraine 


Tamara Olexy [National Office Director/Ukrainian Congress Committee of America] 

Featured Speaker: 

Col. Hennadiy Kovalenko [NATO Strategic Allied Command Transformation] 


6:45 PM – 8:30 PM Patrons’ Reception [Venue: American Foreign Policy Council/509 C Street NE