Ukraine-International Energy Roundtable

ImageUkraine-International Energy Roundtable was held in Houston, Texas from May 1-3, 2006. The ostensible theme of the forum was Strengthening Ukraine's Energy Diversity; the event coincided with Houston's annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). As part of the conference, participants had an opportunity to take part in business-to-business breakout sessions focused on oil, gas, coal, hydro power, nuclear power and alternative fuels. These sessions enabled Ukrainian participants to meet their various US counterparts, to examine and evaluate old problems, and to propose innovative solutions.

Speakers included:

Robert Bensh Kseniya Lyapina
Andrew Bihun Julia Nanay
Matt Bryza Igor Obozintsev
Alex Cranberg Vasyl Rohovyj
Walter Derzko Bob Schaffer
Al Frink Oleh Shamshur
Rachel Halpern Keith Smith
Volodymyr Ignashchenko Paul Stephenson
John Imle Tom Spellman
Pavlo Kachur Borys Syniuk
Adrian Karatnycky Maksym Timchenko
Volodymyr Kasyanov J. Benedict Wolf
Les Lastowecky Gene Van Dyke
George Laszkiewicz Walter Zaryckyj


Center for US-Ukrainian Relations Ukraine International Business Development Council
The Orange Circle  


Cardinal Resources Delta Airlines
Vanco Halliburton
Donbass Fuel-Energy Company Ukrtransnafta
Ukreximbank Chadbourne & Parke
Aspect Energy Hunt Oil


Reprint of article from The Ukrainian Weekly entitled Ukraine-International Energy Roundtable held in Houston


The event’s program