Ukraine’s Historical Encounters I

Polish-Ukrainian Relations


March 2004


Ukraine’s Historical Encounters I: Polish-Ukrainian Relations was a series of events organized in New York City during late March 2004 by Columbia University, New York University, the Ukrainian Institute of America and the Ukrainian Central Information Service [UCIS] to foster, in US academic circles, a greater understanding of the sometimes difficult, yet always close links which tie Poland and Ukraine, the two countries that may well decide the future course of Eastern Europe.


  • Michal Buchowski
  • Andrzej Paczkowski
  • Jacek Galazka
  • Jaroslav Pelenski
  • Mark von Hagen
  • Olexandr Potiekhin
  • Taras Hunczak
  • Yuri Shapoval
  • Vera Jelinek
  • Krzysztof Stanowski
  • Andrzej Kaminski
  • Witold Sulimirski
  • Beata Peksa Krawiec
  • Frank Sysyn
  • Volodymyr Kurylo
  • Borys Tarasyuk
  • John Micgiel
  • Vladyslav Verstyuk
  • Piotr Naimski
  • Taras Voznyak
  • Walter Nazarewich
  • Rafal Wnuk
  • Andrzej Nowak
  • Walter Zaryckyj


  • Columbia University/ECEC

  • Pilsudski Institute

  • Columbia University/Ukrainian Studies Program

  • Shevchenko Scientific Society

  • New York University/LAP

  • Ukrainian Institute of America



  • Self Reliance [NY]

  • Federal Credit Union

  • Freedom House

  • Heritage Foundation at First Security Federal Savings Bank


  • Note that video webcasts of Ukraine’s Historical Encounters I: Polish-Ukrainian Relations forum are available for streaming at the Columbia University SIPA website in the East Central European Center Intermarium archive: Intermarium Volume 7, No. 2-3 (2004). 
  • Windows Media Player® is required for playback of the webcasts.


Reprint of article from the National Tribune: Understanding “New Europe”: Polish, Ukrainian heavyweights exchange views in New York