The 2nd Annual US-UA Working Group Dinner took place in July 19, 2011 in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Club. AFPC, CUSUR  and UCCA  
invited two leading voices from the worldwide Ukrainian Hromada to provide a current update on the dire circumstances confronting the Ukrainian national minority in the Russian Federation; K. Parker of  the US Helsinki Commission (a key force behind the proposed Magnitsky Act which would draw sanctions on RU human rights violators) played the role of first respondent.


First Dep. WCCU Head M. Ratushny’s remarks (elaborated upon by former WCU Pres. A. Lozynskyj)
Fmr. OSBM Consulter-General  Fr. Leo Goldade’s featured remarks
The Plight of Ukrainians in the RF by the numbers



The event’s program