Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Roundtable XXIV

Forging A Strong Yet Forbearing National Identity – Future Initiatives


October 5th 2023


Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Roundtable (XXIV) was held on October 5, 2022 at the University Club, Washington DC under the title: Forging A Strong Yet Forbearing National Identity – Future Initiatives

The gathering was the final event in a critically important trilogy of UA Quest Roundtables (2021-23) essentially dedicated to exploring and evaluating Ukraine’s efforts to establish a distinctive yet broadminded national identity.

It was tasked to ponder Ukraine’s optimal future ‘face to the world’ – with the nation possessing a well-developed self-image, playing a worthy leadership role in the Black Sea region, occupying a valuable place in the Euro-Atlantic community and being a respected presence in global affairs.

The proceedings, in the context of the said exploration, also examined the various DEZINFORM campaigns that have been launched to deform the process, including Putin’s recent ‘Memory Wars’ campaign.


  • Stephen Blank
  • Janusz Bugajski
  • Debra Cagan
  • Wesley Clark
  • Luke Coffey
  • Ariel Cohen
  • Eliot A. Cohen
  • William Courtney
  • Andrij Dobriansky
  • Daniel Fried
  • Lubomyr Hajda
  • John Herbst
  • Glen Howard
  • Adrian Karatnycky
  • Phillip Karber
  • David J. Kramer
  • Ostap Kryvdyk
  • Sergiy Kvit
  • HE Oksana Serhiyivna Markarova
  • Steven Nix Esq.
  • Phillips Payson O’Brien
  • Herman Pirchner
  • Roman Popadiuk
  • Michael Sawkiw
  • Kateryna Shynkaruk
  • Andriy Zahorodniuk
  • Pavlo Zhovirenko
  • Walter Zaryckyj


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
  • International Republican Institute
  • National Democratic Institute
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
  • Ukrainian National Information Service


  • Heritage Foundation at 1st Security
  • Federal Savings Bank
  • Jurkiw Family Fund
  • Nawrocky-Torielli Family Foundation
  • Self Reliance NY Federal Credit Union
  • SUMA Yonkers FCU
  • Irena & Artur Hryhorowych


  • Christine Balko
  • Andrij Dobriansky
  • Tamara Gallo-Olexy
  • Mykola Hryckowian
  • Roman Myhal
  • Herman Pirchner
  • Walter Zaryckyj


  • Janusz Bugajski’s remarks: Finding Ways to End the Kremlin’s Endless Memory Wars with Ukraine and Everyone Else. View the presentation here.
  • Pavlo Zhovnirenko’s remarks: UA & the Euro-Atlantic Community. View the presentation here.
  • Watch a recording of the event on YouTube and Facebook.


Peter Zalmayev – 5-ty Kanal (5th Channel). View the video here


View the event program here


View speaker biographies here.