DC Occasional Briefings Series (IV)

Divining How US Policy Shapers ENVISION Russia’s Future


October 6, 2023


The DC Occasional Briefings Series (IV) event “Divining How US Policy Shapers Envision Russia’s Future” took place on October 6th at the University Club in Washington, DC.  Specificaally, it addressed the following topics: (1) How do US policy shapers imagine Russia developing in the next 20 years?;  (2) What should be the response of said policy shapers to that development?

Discussion Leader

  • Mykola Hryckowian [Center for US Ukrainian Relations/DC Bureau]

Discussion Policy

  • Chatham house rules for discussion


  • Christine Balko [Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation]
  • Ilan Berman [American Foreign Policy Council]
  • Ariel Cohen [International Trade & Investment Center]
  • Lubomyr Hajda [Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute]
  • Phillip Karber [Potomac Foundation]
  • Iryna Nauholnyk [Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine]
  • Herman Pirchner [American Foreign Policy Council]
  • Anatoli Pinchuk [Institute for Black Sea Studies]
  • Walter Zaryckyj [Center for US-Ukrainian Relations]
  • Pavlo Zhovnireko [UA Center for Strategic Studies]


  • American Foreign Policy Council
  • Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
  • Potomac Foundation
  • UA Center for Strategic Studies