Upcoming Events
US-UA Security Dialogue IX
Washington, DC
March 8, 2018
US-UA BNS Special Event
Washington DC
May 10, 2018
US-UA WG Yearly Summit VI
Washington, DC
June 14, 2018

US-UA Energy Dialogue VI
Kyiv, Ukraine
August 31, 2018 
UA HES Special Event:
"Legacy of the UNR" 
New York City
September 22, 2018  
Washington, DC
October 12, 2018

CUSUR 2016 - Project I
US-UA “Working Group” Initiative

The US-Ukraine “Working Group” Initiative was launched in 2007 in order to secure an array of experts in "areas of interest” for CUSUR and its various forums/proceedings; at the same time, it was hoped that the ‘experts’ might agree to write a series of ‘occasional papers’ to identify “major issues” impacting on US-Ukrainian relations.
CUSUR 2017 - Project II
Publication Efforts

Recognizing the urgent need to set up proper channels for the maximum circulation of the information/analysis CUSUR possessed or had at its disposal, the Center long focused on having ‘a publication presence’ of some form or another.
CUSUR 2018 - Project III
DC Occasional Briefings Series

CUSUR did not turn its attention to having a DC presence until summer 2012. Borrowing space when the need arose (particularly for various forum steering committees meetings) from the American Foreign Policy Council, its longest abiding partner, seemed to suffice; an Acela ride from the Center’s NY office did the rest. If there was a concern, it was to open an office in Kyiv.
US-Ukraine Working Group Yearly Summit II
US-UA WG Yearly Summit II reassembled more than two dozen UA experts on June 19, 2014 in Washington to provide Ukraine with an annual assessment of its performance in six areas of ‘nation building’: robust democratic politics, developed market economics, viable social cohesion, ever greater energy security, ever greater general security and an established national identity.

Speakers included:

Anders Aslund John Herbst
Robert BenshGlen Howard
Ilan Berman Idil Ismirli
Andrew Bihun  David Kramer
Steven BlankOstap Kryvdyk
Janusz Bugajski  Serhiy Kvit
Ariel CohenRoman Kyzyk
William CourtneyWilliam Miller
Anders CorrTom Murphy
Keith CraneSteven Nix
Matt CzekajJohn O’Keefe
Nadia DiukJoanna Rohozinska
Katie Fox Michael Sawkiw  
Marta Farion William Taylor
Paul Goble 


American Foreign Policy CouncilOpen World Program/Library of Congress
Center For US-Ukrainian RelationsPolish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 


American Foreign Policy CouncilSelf Reliance [NY] Federal Credit Union
Center for US-Ukrainian RelationsUkrainian Defense Consultants
Zenowia & George Jurkiw 


Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit's keynote remarks


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Past Highlight Events

RT XVII Items of Note
Highlights from Ukraine's Quest for Mature Nation Statehood RT XVII: Ukraine & Religious Freedom, held in Washington, DC on Oct. 27, 2016
UA HES SE: UA 25th B-Day
Highlights from UA HES Special Event: 'Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Modern Ukrainian State', held at the NY Princeton Club on Sept. 17, 2016
US-UA WG YS IV Highlights
Highlights from US-UA WG Yearly Summit IV: Providing Ukraine with an Annual Report Card, held at the University Club in Washington, DC on June 16, 2016
US-UA SD VII Items of Note
Highlights from US-Ukraine Security Dialogue VII held on February 25, 2016 in Washington DC
UA HES SE: WW2 Legacy
Highlights from the UA Historical Encounters Special Event: 'Contested Ground': The Legacy of WW2 in Eastern Europe, held in Edmonton on October 23-24, 2015
Holodomor SE Highlights
Highlights from the UA Historical Encounters Special Event: Taking Measure of the Holodomor, held at the Princeton Club of NY on November 5-6, 2013
US-UA SD III Items of Note
Highlights from US-Ukraine Security Dialogue III held on May 19, 2012 in Chicago, IL

  • Former UA Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko's keynote
UEAF Forum VI Highlights
Highlights from UEAF Forum VI, held in Ottawa, Canada on March 7-8, 2012
RT XII Items of Note
Highlights from Ukraine's Quest for Mature Nation Statehood RT XII: PL-UA & TR-UA, held in Washington, DC on Oct 19–20, 2011
US-UA ED III Items of Note
Highlights from US-Ukraine Energy Dialogue III, held in Washington DC
on April 15-16, 2008
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