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US-UA Security Dialogue XII
Washington, DC [Webcasting]
March 3-4 5, 2021 
US-UA BNS (Forum XI)
New York City [ [Webcasting]
April 15, 2021
US-UA WG Yearly Summit IX
Washington DC [Webcasting]
June 16-17, 2021

US-UA Energy Dialogue SE
Kyiv [Webcasting] 
August 30, 2021 
UA HES Special Event:
Ukraine at 30
Year Retrospective 
Ukrainian Institute of America
September 18, 2021 

Washington, DC
University Club 
October 21, 2021 

CUSUR 2016 - Project I
US-UA “Working Group” Initiative

The US-Ukraine “Working Group” Initiative was launched in 2007 in order to secure an array of experts in "areas of interest” for CUSUR and its various forums/proceedings; at the same time, it was hoped that the ‘experts’ might agree to write a series of ‘occasional papers’ to identify “major issues” impacting on US-Ukrainian relations.
CUSUR 2017 - Project II
Publication Efforts

Recognizing the urgent need to set up proper channels for the maximum circulation of the information/analysis CUSUR possessed or had at its disposal, the Center long focused on having ‘a publication presence’ of some form or another.
Compelling Bilateral Ties/Poland-Ukraine & Turkey-Ukraine
ImageUA Quest Roundtable XII took place on October 19-20, 2011 in Washington, D.C. [on Capitol Hill]. The conference was the final installment of a trilogy of forums—a set of discussions dedicated to exploring Ukraine's historically most compelling bilateral relationships; work focused on Polish-Ukrainian and Turkish-Ukrainian ties—past, present and future.

Speakers included:

Volodymyr ArievOlexander Motsyk
Krzysztof BobinskiValentyn Nalyvaichenko
Zbigniew BrzezinskiJohn O'Keefe
Jan BugajskiJanusz Onyszkiewicz
Yevgen BurkatJan Pieklo
Ariel CohenMaciej Pisarski
William H. CourtneyHerman Pirchner
Nadia DiukSerhii Plokhii
Baxter HuntVadym Prystaiko
Tamara GalloStefan Romaniw
Diba Nigar GökselOleh Rybachuk
Lubomyr HajdaJames Sherr
Hakan KirimliOleksandr Sushko
Sergiy KorsunskyNamik Tan
F. Stephen LarrabeeBorys Tarasyuk
Nico Lange 


American Foreign Policy CouncilOpen World Program/Library of Congress
Center For US-Ukrainian RelationsPolish Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation [PAUCI]
Embassy of Ukraine to the United StatesUkrainian Congress Committee of America
International Republican InstituteUkrainian National Association
Konrad Adenauer StiftungUkrainian National Information Service
National Democratic InstituteUkrainian Weekly


American Foreign Policy CouncilCenter for US-Ukrainian Relations
Self Reliance [NY] Federal Credit UnionSelf Reliance [NJ] Federal Credit Union
Self Reliance [Baltimore] Federal Credit UnionSUMA Yonkers Federal Credit Union
Heritage Foundation at 1st Sec. Fed. Savings BankUkrainian Defense Consultants

Steering Committee:

Please note the UA Quest Roundtable Steering Committees are listed here.


Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Olexander Motsyk's featured remarks

US State Dept. Bureau of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus Affairs Director Baxter Hunt's featured remarks

Chatham House Senior Fellow James Sherr's featured remarks

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's featured remarks

General Secretary of the Ukrainian World Congress Stefan Romaniw's featured remarks


UCCA UA Quest RT XII Press Release (reprinted in The Ukrainian Weekly)

Turkish Policy Quarterly (NATO'S Future in Turkey's Neighborhood - Fall 2011 issue) From the Desk of the Editor (please note pgs. 15-16)


The event's program

Speaker Bios:

Short biographies of the the participants are available.


Compelling Bilateral Ties/Poland-Ukraine & Turkey-Ukraine Photo Report

Past Highlight Events

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  • Former UA Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko's keynote
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on April 15-16, 2008
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