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CUSUR 2016 - Project I
US-UA “Working Group” Initiative

The US-Ukraine “Working Group” Initiative was launched in 2007 in order to secure an array of experts in "areas of interest” for CUSUR and its various forums/proceedings; at the same time, it was hoped that the ‘experts’ might agree to write a series of ‘occasional papers’ to identify “major issues” impacting on US-Ukrainian relations.
CUSUR 2017 - Project II
Publication Efforts

Recognizing the urgent need to set up proper channels for the maximum circulation of the information/analysis CUSUR possessed or had at its disposal, the Center long focused on having ‘a publication presence’ of some form or another.
CUSUR 2017 - Project III
DC Occasional Briefings Series

CUSUR did not turn its attention to having a DC presence until summer 2012. Borrowing space when the need arose (particularly for various forum steering committees meetings) from the American Foreign Policy Council, its longest abiding partner, seemed to suffice; an Acela ride from the Center’s NY office did the rest. If there was a concern, it was to open an office in Kyiv.
CUSUR 2018 - Project IV
Kyiv Seminars for UA Officials

The several visits of young, fresh minded, reform oriented UA military commanders and national security analysts to various top flight foreign policy think tanks and institutes of higher diplomatic or military learning in DC (prompted in good part by CUSUR invitations to its Occasional Briefings) in the latter part of 2014 prompted the UA MOD to propose a slightly different arrangement for similar discussions/conversations in 2015.
Program - Ukraine-US Energy Dialogue III

Ukraine-US Energy Dialogue III

April 15-16, 2008

Energy Policy Forum

April 15, 2008
Venue: Capitol Hill/Hart SOB Ninth Floor Forum Room

12:00 PM

Opening Remarks Luncheon

12:30 PM

Securing Ukraine’s Energy Independence – From the US Perspective


  • Herman Pirchner, President, American Foreign Policy Council


  • Senator Richard Lugar
  • 1:00 PM

    Securing Ukraine’s Energy Independence – From the UA Perspective


    • Adrian Karatnycky, President, Orange Circle


    • Ambassador Oleh Shamshur
    • Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Energy and Fuel Volodymyr Makukha

    1:45 PM

    Energy Exploration & Conservation Priorities


    • Walter Zaryckyj, Exec. Director, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations


    • Jeff Mitchell, Senior Vice President for Exploration, Vanco Energy
    • Valeriy Borovyk, President, Nova Energia

    Energy Business Forum: Plenary Sessions & Keynote Dinner

    April 15, 2008
    Venue: Hyatt/Regency [Congressional Room A]

    3:00 PM

    Ukraine's Energy Transit Challenges: Some Homegrown/Some Russian


    • Ilan Berman, Vice President, American Foreign Policy Council


    • Keith Smith, Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies

    3:30 PM

    Paths to an Open Energy Market in Ukraine


    • Taras Kuzio, Research Associate, George Washington University

    Featured Speakers:

    • Ed Chow, Senior Fellow, Energy & National Security Program, CSIS

    4:00 PM

    The Vital Role of Energy Conservation & Energy Renewal/CEE Context


    • George Laszkiewicz, Senior Associate, Allied Technologies Group

    Featured Speaker:

    • Brian Castelli, Executive VP & COO, Alliance to Save Energy

    5:00 PM

    The Nexus Between Energy Policy and the Pace of Industrial Development in Ukraine


    • Karl Kendall, Dep VP for Environment & Engineering, US EXIM Bank

    Featured Speaker:

    • Keith Crane, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation
    • Larry Markel, EE Specialist, Sentech

    6:30 PM

    [Thornton Room]

    Dinner/Dialogue Keynote Addresses: Contemplating "White Stream"


    • Peter Borisow, Senior Counselor, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations

    Featured Speakers:

    • Deputy Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Matt Bryza

    Energy Business Forum: Investment Opportunity Focus Sessions

    April 16th 2008
    Venue: Hyatt/Regency [Congressional Room A]

    9:00 AM

    Existing Business Opportunities


    • Lev Holubec, Senior Analyst, PricewaterhouseCoopers


    • Tom Spellman, Director of Financial Services, Halliburton
    • Ron Slimp, Partner, TD International
    Themes: Oil & Gas Exploration, Oil & Gas Transit Systems, Power Generation & Transmission Systems

    10:30 AM

    Emerging Business Opportunities


    • Ed Tockman, Managing Director, Harrison Lovegrove


    • R. Singh, President, Holtec
    • Jane Ebinger, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
    Themes: Increasing Energy Efficiency, Modernizing Energy Infrastructure, Creating Alternate Energy Sources, New Technologies to Enhance Existing Energy Sources

    12:00 PM

    Closing Remarks/Luncheon

    Key Note Addresses: Ukraine’s Energy Independence & Possible Areas of US Assistance


    • Adrianna Melnyk, Outreach Director, Orange Circle

    Featured Speaker:

    • Principal Dep. Asst. Sec. of Energy/EERE John Mizroch

    Additional Information:

    Patron: Senator Richard Lugar

    Organizers: American Foreign Policy Council, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations, The Orange Circle, Trade Mission of Ukraine to the US

    Anticipated Number of Participants: 80-100


    Western Firms: Holtec, AES, Northland Power, Aspect Energy, Vanco, Westinghouse, Hitachi America Ltd, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Hunt, Picor, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, Citicorp, IFC, World Bank, USEXIMBANK, ATG

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